Are Google Searches Sexist?

I know I recently did a blog post on sexism in ads but I really liked how a point was made in these ads. I found a series of ads for UN Women that shows how sexism can be found everywhere, even in a Google search. The ad shows how the use of auto complete on Google has come up with some interesting searches about women. By simply typing in the words ‘women should’, ‘women need to’, or ‘women cannot’ auto complete comes up with several negative suggestions. To be honest at first glance I was a bit unsure if this was true or if the designer had just put these suggestions in to make a point.

So I ended up going to Google and typing in the same words as the ad and unfortunately I got very similar suggestions. When I typed in ‘women shouldn’t’ I got that women shouldn’t vote, drive, or have self-esteem. Its not exactly what the ad says but I did does this several different times and got different results, most of which were negative. These ads were not only a good way to make a statement but they also made me realize how sexist our society is. I never really noticed the things that come up when I search for topics about women so this was really shocking to me.

I really wouldn’t have expected to see something like this. That being said I wanted to do an experiment and look up what men shouldn’t do. The results said that men shouldn’t cry, have a say in abortion or get married. Not the most positive results either but their basic rights aren’t really being questioned. I used some of the same searches on men and it was really amazing because the results weren’t as harsh as the ones from women. The searches on men were more of critiques like men should pray or be what they seem. Below are the ads which I think speak for themselves and a link to the article I found on them!



A Moment of Silence

Hey Everyone! I just wanted to make you all aware of something that will be going on around the internet tomorrow in honor of the Sandy Hook Elementary School victims and their families. Tomorrow at 9:30am ET several websites and users have decided to pause all online activity have a moment of silence to honor the victims of this shooting. I just found out about this otherwise I would have mentioned it sooner but I thought it was still worth mentioning incase any night owls like myself will read this (0r if you’re in a different time zone). I think that this is a great idea and a great way to show the families of these victims that they are in are our thoughts and prayers. Just take a moment out of your day, even if it’s not at the time that this is going on. You can pledge to do this and learn more at The direct link to the page is here:, but you can also click on the badge right across from this post  and that will take you there too. I hope you guys join in and make sure to spread the word. Don’t worry about being on time, it’s the thought that really counts. See you guys soon, take care.