Oh my oil…


Tsitoghdyzan with his painting “Mirror”

Hey everyone! I recently found a really amazing painter that I wanted to write about and share with you guys. When it comes to painting I have gained a new found appreciation for painters so this guy kind of blew my mind. I had a painting class this past semester and it took me the majority of the semester to get my one Georgia O’Keeffe painting done.It was definitely a struggle for me but I’ll talk about that in another post. What I’m getting at is that painting can be really hard, especially if you are trying to paint something realistically. It really has made me realize and appreciate how hard they work to create these amazing paintings.

The paintings Tigran Tsitoghdzyan create look more like photographs rather than paintings. When I first saw them I thought ‘Wow, those photos are beautiful’. Imagine my shock when I found out they were paintings. My favorite by far is “Mirror”, something about it really appeals to me. Maybe its the soft expression of the face or the hair but something keeps me coming back to this one. The details and texture within this painting is amazing, its just so well done. I thought these were so beautiful and I wanted to share them! I hope you guys enjoyed this post, I’ll include a link to more pictures down below!


Last Supper

Tsitoghdzyan’s Saatchi page: http://www.saatchionline.com/profile/204141

Maya Hayuk

Maya_Hayuk_Brooklyn_Street_Art_11 Maya_Hayuk_Brooklyn_Street_Art_06 Maya_Hayuk_Brooklyn_Street_Art_12 Maya_Hayuk_Brooklyn_Street_Art_13Hey Everyone! I wanted to do a post about an artist I recently discovered! You may or may not already know this from my previous posts but I love bright colors in artwork. Some of my favorite works of art use bright colors which is probably why I like Maya Hayuk’s work so much. I love the bright energetic colors she uses and the beautiful patterns she creates in her paintings and other pieces. The article I read about her describes her work as “kaleidoscopic” and I think they hit the nail on head with that description. Her pieces really do remind me of something you might see while looking through a kaleidoscope, which I loved doing as a kid.

Another aspect of her art that I appreciate is that the geometric shapes she uses aren’t perfect, they’re perfectly imperfect. The paintings shown clearly display the tracks left by drops of paint that traveled downwards along the surface and I really like that aspect. Sometimes I like I try to make my work completely flawless and look perfect even though that’s impossible. I think that the streaks from the wet paint that dripped down really add a great aspect to these pieces. It almost gives you the sense that these paintings are continuous or have some sort of motion to them.

I really love the combinations of all of these colors and how they integrate and overlap with each other. I also think that I like the pieces against a black background rather than a white or colored one. The colors used are so bright and I think they really pop against a black background. As always I’ll post a link to article and post images of my favorites on here. I hope you guys enjoyed this and I’ll try to keep the posts coming!

Read the article here: http://patternbank.com/maya-hayuk-kaleidoscopic-artistry/

Frida Kahlo

Hi Everyone! I know Frida is a well known artist but I wanted to talk about her a little bit for several reasons. One of them was my goal to highlight some hispanic artists for this month since it is National Hispanic Heritage Month. Another reason I want to talk about her is because she ended up inspiring one of my recent projects for my painting class. For one of our assignments we had to create a self-portrait based of ourselves on the self-portrait of a famous artist. I looked through a lot of artists, and by that I mean it took me hours to decide. Then again thats nothing new for me but still.

I finally took a look at some of Frida’s work and something just sparked. Don’t get me wrong I had seen her work before but this time I just felt a deeper connection and I really wanted to create something based off of her work.I really love the symbolism she uses within her paintings, I feel like they are very telling of how she felt at the time. A lot of the time I really wish I could get inside the artist’s head when I see a piece I really like. Sometimes its not that simple but I felt that the majority of her paintings give us some insight about her as a person.

This aspect really attracted me to her paintings because she painted what she felt. I’m almostdone with my painting and I like how it’s turning out so far so I’m really glad I chose her! I just wanted to make this post to share what’s been inspiring me lately. The couple paintings I’m posting in this blog are the main ones that inspired my painting. I haven’t decided whether or not to post a picture of the painting or not when I finish it but I guess we’ll cross that bridge once we get to it. See you guys next time!

Is that Blood?

I have to admit that I never saw this coming. I never would have thought an artist could be so passionate to use their own

blood as paint. Yep, that’s right, blood. Vincent Castiglia is a really amazing artist who has a real personal connection with his art. Not only was the article I found about him interesting but I think it fits in with my Halloween/Fall theme goal pretty darn well!

This method of painting does seem kind of strange at first but I feel like the more I thought about it I kind of get why he does this. I think that this is one of the ultimate ways creating a unique bond between the artist and the art. The use of his blood makes these paintings such a larger part of him and who he is. I know that a lot of people might be on the fence about this but I see it as more of an artistic decision than this being something creepy or weird. That being said in no way would I EVER do this. Needles and I do not mix, it just doesn’t work and I don’t think it ever will. No way would I do that multiple times willingly!

Anyways enough about me and my fear of needles. His artwork is still amazing and the blood just gives it a little extra umph! I feel like it extends his feelings about his art and adds an interesting aspect to it. In a way the use of blood is appropriate because of the subject of his art. He paints a lot of decaying and bloody bodies so it relates to his work. It’s not like he’s drawing a happy clown in blood, the blood relates to the art.

I’ve found that his art is just very interesting to look at regardless about how you feel about the blood. His work is very intriguing and draws you in. Another thing I found really amazing was the details in his work. Blood usually dries pretty fast so I think it’s really incredible how much detail you can get out of it. You can check out the article below and I’ll also include a link to his website so you can check out his work there. As always I hope you enjoyed this post and I’ll see you guys again soon!

Yahoo article: http://news.yahoo.com/using-own-blood-york-artist-paints-resurrection-exhibit-063504135.html

Artist’s website: http://vincentcastigliaart.com/