Take My Breathe Away

Hey everyone! I re-discovered some photos that were floating around in my email and I wanted to finally talk about them. These photos are actually self-portraits created by photographer Rachel Baran and they are amazing! I really love the mood and lighting in all of these. Although I don’t know her personally I think you can get a sense of her personality within these photos, which is what should happen in a self-portrait. Exploring the art of the self-portrait is something that I’ve been wanting to do for a while now but I never seem to nail down a concept.

My design concepts don’t come easy by any means but once I get them that’s it. Usually when I take photos I usually just take them, keeping in mind of course the angle, lighting, etc. Photography isn’t something that I’ve really focused on as much as I do my design work but that doesn’t mean it’s not important to me. On the contrary I have a real love and appreciation for photography and when I do go out to shoot some photos I always have fun. I still have a series that I’d like to continue, maybe over break, but the thing is how do I add to it so it still fits and makes sense as a series?

I think these photos address that  problem in the way that the focus remains the same but the setting and depiction change. The subject or focus is Baran herself and she does a great job of tying these pictures together so they stand alone or as one collection. Needless to say I found these very inspiring and unique because they are not the standard idea of a self-portrait. It also gives me a lot to think about when approaching my own work.  Baran just does a great job of setting the mood and feeling of each photo, which is what I really admire about these! As always I’ll have my favorites posted below and a link to the original article! Until next time!

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Link to article: http://www.stumbleupon.com/su/1GFssk#

Elke Vogelsang!

Hey everyone! I found these pet portraits and I thought they were pretty cool for several reasons! One of  them is how well the photographer, Elke Vogelsang, captures the expressions of the dogs. There are tons of photos of people’s pets online but these are different because they really capture the personality of the dogs. I liked the contrast of the dark background because it really highlights the dogs themselves rather than distracting us with their environment. I feel like her intent and focus is on the dogs so I think she was really successful in taking these images.

I have dogs myself and I’ve taken photos of them but never in a studio setting or without an indication towards their natural environment; which is basically the house since my dogs are lazy and don’t care for the outdoors much. I really liked these photos because they’re different from a typical dog photo and some of the expressions are hilarious! I recommend you check out all of them, the link is below, but I included my favorites!


Link: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/03/27/elke-vogelsang_n_5042132.html?ncid=fcbklnkushpmg00000023

Beckwith and Fisher

Hey everyone, I came across two very talented photographers and I fell in love with their photos. Their names are dinka-01  Carol Beckwith and Angela Fisher. These two are well-known for capturing photos of various African tribes people and their culture. What really first drew me to their work is that the forms of the bodies of the people and animals looked like shadows and silhouettes. Now, you all know how I love a good silhouette photo, I did do a little blog series awhile a go so go check it out if you haven’t.

The pictures I’m looking at today are photos of the Dinka tribe and I will include a link to the inspirationgrid.com that will give you more info on that. I really love how rich and vibrant the sky is in contrast to the ground which is gray-black. The colors are just really beautiful in all of these photos however I’ve included my favorites in this post. I really love the one with the boy standing on a pole, the sky and ground are just so beautifully contrasted against each other, it’s really amazing. Its photos like these that really inspire me to keep at photography and go and just shoot something ( you know what I mean). I thought these were beautiful and I wanted to share so I hope you guys like them as much as I do. Below will be a link to the theinspirationgrid.com page where I found this as well as a link to the photographers’ website!dinka-08timthumb

Inspiration Grid page: http://theinspirationgrid.com/dinka-photo-series-by-carol-beckwith-angela-fisher/

Website: http://www.africanceremonies.com/