Elke Vogelsang!

Hey everyone! I found these pet portraits and I thought they were pretty cool for several reasons! One of  them is how well the photographer, Elke Vogelsang, captures the expressions of the dogs. There are tons of photos of people’s pets online but these are different because they really capture the personality of the dogs. I liked the contrast of the dark background because it really highlights the dogs themselves rather than distracting us with their environment. I feel like her intent and focus is on the dogs so I think she was really successful in taking these images.

I have dogs myself and I’ve taken photos of them but never in a studio setting or without an indication towards their natural environment; which is basically the house since my dogs are lazy and don’t care for the outdoors much. I really liked these photos because they’re different from a typical dog photo and some of the expressions are hilarious! I recommend you check out all of them, the link is below, but I included my favorites!


Link: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/03/27/elke-vogelsang_n_5042132.html?ncid=fcbklnkushpmg00000023


One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s…

Hey everyone! Since my last post was a bit serious I thought I’d do something a little more light-hearted and fun. I’m always amazed at what artists can create out of junk. Maybe I’m over thinking this but I don’t think it’s as simple is gathering up a whole bunch of junk and whipping out a bottle of Elmer’s glue. You have to not only gather more materials than you probably need but you also have to figure out a way to use each item so that it has a purpose other than being a stand-in because nothing else fits or connects. That being said I have a great appreciation for artists who can take a whole bunch of random objects and make them into something meaningful.

These were created by Jane Perkins and you can obviously see the amount of work that would have gone into one of these because the attention to use of different shades in each piece. The skin in these is really amazing and really precise. I also loved how Mona Lisa’s hair was made out of beads, I thought it was a nice touch! I know that I would not have the patience to do this so I can really appreciate this artwork and I wanted to share it with you guys! Below are my favorites but you can check out the link  below for the rest.


Link: http://news.yahoo.com/lightbox/art-made-from-junk-slideshow/art-made-from-junk-photo-1393273044770.html

Oh my Oil…part 2!


Hey everyone, I know its been awhile but I’m back! I have definitely been taking advantage of summer break and working on some stuff for this blog. However now that its been really hot and the air conditioner is dead I thought it was a perfect time to start blogging again! I also came across some really cool paintings so I really had no excuse. I find that lately I’ve really been drawn to realism and I’ve probably mentioned that before but its something that I’m drawn to.

I feel like I’m still finding out my own style as an artist and I love the look of a realistic painting or drawing. In fact I kind of freaked out recently because after what seems like years I finally feel I perfected the eye. Yes I am that obsessed. I won’t talk too much about that though since that is for a later post! Anyway I thought that these paintings had a really nice look to them and they captured that reality along with something else I can’t really put my finger on. I also appreciate how these still have a painting aspect to them, they don’t look like a photograph which is okay but I find this work stands out a bit more because it doesn’t try to be something else.These paintings were created by Claire Duguid and I think they are really nicely done. It always amazes me how you can’t see the paintbrush strokes but I guess practice makes perfect! Including on here are my favorites but I put a link to the others as well. I hope you guys enjoyed this; until next time!

Claire Duguid with one of her paintings

Personalized Portraits!

Hey everyone, lately in my photography class we’ve been experimenting with taking portraits and studio lighting. To say the least I really didn’t have much experience in this area so I needed to find some inspiration to help me figure out ways to make so successful photographs. I came across this group of shots of famous actors in their element which gave me so pretty good ideas. The actors themselves were dressed in regular clothes but the props or accessories they had made a connection to roles that made them famous or just who they are. I thought this would be a great way to incorporate a similar idea in portraits of ordinary people. To photograph them with something that represents an aspect of themselves!

If you think about its a really simple idea but it can be a good place to start if you’ve had absolutely no experience taking portraits. I recently did a shoot with my sister and although we could have focused on poses and props I kind of just let her be herself. I didn’t want to recreate her image into someone she isn’t so it was a really casual shoot but I learned a lot and I think I did okay for my first time. I wanted to share these in case anyone was looking for some inspiration and I think this idea would be really easy to use in photographs! I’ll put a link to the photographs below since they are all one long strand and it would be hard to stick in this post. Until next time!

Link to photos: http://9gag.com/gag/6169355?ref=chrome-ext

Put a Cork in It!

Okay, I admit it. I’ve been feeling a bit guilty about not updating this blog, so I’m giving you two posts in one day! Yay! In 877a-artcelebration let’s crack some bottles open and give the corks to artist Scott Gundersen so that he can make more cool portraits out of wine corks! I give the artists that I talk about on this blog a lot of credit because they create such amazing things but this guy is in a league of his own. It took 3,621 wine corks to create one portrait titled Trisha. According to theinspirationgrid.com some of his other pieces have required 9,000 corks.

This already seems like a lot of work but if you watch the video on the link below you’ll see that the corks are just the end. He first has to sketch his portrait, and then apply 3,624 nails with a nail gun to stick the corks on. Besides that I imagine he has sort through the corks to find the right ones for the shading he needs and apply them accordingly. In short, he does a lot of work. I think when artists create something like this is shows how much dedication and love they have for art. If I had to do this I think I would have a deep hatred for corks at the end of it all.

At a certain part of the video you can also see a woman and little girl there, who I am assuming are his wife and daughter. I think that part just showed his dedication too because he obviously has a family yet here he is creating this amazing artwork that is so time-consuming. Artwork, especially large-scale pieces take up a lot of time but I think when an artist creates something like that you kind of know they’re in love with what they do. As for these portraits, I think they look amazing. I could see one of these being placed anywhere you can find food. It’s just something that I think would be so appealing to see among food. I hope you guys liked this post and it’s not too long, but I’ll post the link to the video and more below. See you soon!

See the video and more pieces here: http://theinspirationgrid.com/?paged=3#wine-cork-portraits-by-scott-gundersen

I Can’t Put My Finger On it…

I recently saw something very interesting photographs on Yahoo and I have to say they’re really

creative. The artist, Dito Von Tease, uses his fingers as inspiration for portraits. From Ronald McDonald to Frida Kahlo he’s done it all and has really succeeded in capturing the likeness of his subjects. As I young kid I remember doing the little fingerprint doodles in art class so when I saw this it really blew me away. I found these really fun to look at and figure out who these people were, even though he does a such a great job there isn’t much need for guessing. I don’t know about you guys but I don’t really look for ways to involve my body within my art. I feel like this is a really unique idea and I haven’t seen anything quite like this before.

Anyways I thought these were really cute and creative so I wanted to share them with you. Some of my favorites are Steve Jobs, Frida Kahlo, and Self Portrait 010(the Sherlock Holmes looking one). I know this post was kind of short but take it as a break from my longer posts! If you want to see the rest of the pictures you can check out the Yahoo slideshow here: http://shine.yahoo.com/photos/dito-von-tease-artist-makes-slideshow/-photo-2520155-170800294.html