My First Client(s)!

Hey everyone! I wanted to give you guys another update on what I’ve been doing this semester and I’m proud to say I’ve had my first client(s)!!! Ironically it had nothing to do with my graphic design class but another class where we had to provide some kind of service to the community. Me and another fellow student teamed up and came up with the idea to create posters for a library event at our school. That lead to us meeting with the director of the library as well as two other associates involved with the event. The event we wanted to make posters for was the therapy dog visits that occur at the end of the semester.

They come the week before finals week to help students deal with stress and take a break from the books. What I’m going to show you first is the moodboard that I made before creating my versions of the posters. My partner and I decided to do our own thing separately and then show our designs to our clients. That way we could show them two different styles and concepts and go from there. The clients did not see this moodboard and it was mainly for my own reference. I’ve found making moldboards really helpful in fleshing out my concept and they’ve become an important part of my process! As always feel free to leave you’re thoughts below!


More Moodboards!

Hey everyone! I wanted to take the opportunity to show you guys a bit more of my work and give you a taste of what I’ve been doing this semester. One of our projects was to create a timeline or infographic poster that highlighted a current event. I really struggled with the beginnings of this project and it was hard for me to come up with a topic that I wanted to highlight. Some of my other classmates chose to focus on topics such as the Ebola outbreak, Human Trafficking and war related spending. I wanted to make sure that my topic was not only current but also had significant importance.

The situation in Ferguson, Missouri is something that has been widely focused on and I felt this project would help me to communicate awareness of the situation. I chose my timeline to be on the number of black males killed in the U.S. by police officers per year. I felt that by focusing on this the project would end up being more credible since I was not communicating an opinion but rather facts and statistics. Below is the moodboard that I came up and represented my concept for my poster. I eventually plan to post the end result when I have a bit more time but I thought I’d share this with you guys! As always I love hearing your opinion so feel free to make a comment if you like! Until next time!


Sexist Insurance Ad?

Hi everyone! Usually I try to avoid anything political (or personal) on my blog(s) because I just don’t want to go there if I don’t have to. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and just because I may not agree with something I can accept it and cross my fingers that the same is done for me. Anyway I recently saw an ad for Obamacare created by a pair of non-profit groups encouraging women to get health insurance. Not so bad right?

To be honest I’m not one to be easily offended but even this had me shaking my head. They make the women in the ad seem shallow and eager to hop in bed which is NOT the only reason women use birth control. As someone who used birth control in the past I find this generalization really offensive because I needed it for medical reasons. I wasn’t on it for the heck of it, I needed it for my health. These ads don’t acknowledge that, instead they go for the kill and suggest women who want to have sex should get insurance so that birth control is covered.

They even use Ryan Gosling in one of the ads! It could have been successful ad had the airhead language and content been changed. Overall this was not a good way to encourage women to get insurance and did more harm than good. It comes off as more of a joke than a statement, which shouldn’t apply to anything linked with health insurance. As always a link to the original article is below.