One fish, two fish…

Hey everyone! Although this is not really¬†an art topic, yet in a way it is, I still wanted to share it with you guys! This amazing aquarium has opened up in China and from the looks of it its amazing! It’s also the largest aquarium in the world so that makes it even cooler! Like I said before, this may not seem very artsy but it really is. Think about it…someone has to design how a building looks and how the visitors interact with it.

Design can be heavily seen throughout the aquarium, you just have to realize it. I really love how tanks become the building, it’s literally like a building of glass that has been filled with water, its amazing. That being said, it also really freaks me out. I don’t know what it is but I do not like large seemingly open spaces so I don’t know how I’d feel being in a room of water with the only separation being glass. Even when I was little I would never go really close one of the tanks that took up the space of a wall because the bottom was lower than the floor and I felt like I’d fall in. Yes, I know that’s really stupid but hey, it freaked me out…plus I can’t swim, so yeah.

Despite my fears I think this place is really cool and would really give visitors more of underwater experience. Although the tanks are huge and a bit intimidating so is the ocean so it kind of fits. I thought this was pretty cool and I wanted to share it with you guys. Who knows, if I ever go to China maybe I’ll stop by…maybe :). Down below is a link to the article and more pictures along with my favorites. Until next time!

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