Minimalist Movie Posters!

Hey everyone! I found these a while back as they were all posters done on MTV Movie Award Nominees and they kind of work as a source of inspiration for me. A couple of weeks ago we had to design a calendar page for one of our projects in my Graphic Design 1 class and it was something I had never done before so I needed help. I felt that the best route for me to go was to make a minimalist poster since I really like them a lot and well…they’re simple. These are all amazing and I love how even though they’re really simple they really represent their movies! I think they pretty much speak for themselves so I posted my favorites down below as well as a link to the rest of them. My absolute favorite is the one for  Dallas Buyer’s Club which is funny since I haven’t seen the movie, but that goes to show you how appealing the poster is to me! Hopefully they can inspire you guys the same way they did for me!

american-hustle springbreaker-01_1397332253454 wolf-poster2 dallas-2 hunger-games_1397332341944