One fish, two fish…

Hey everyone! Although this is not really an art topic, yet in a way it is, I still wanted to share it with you guys! This amazing aquarium has opened up in China and from the looks of it its amazing! It’s also the largest aquarium in the world so that makes it even cooler! Like I said before, this may not seem very artsy but it really is. Think about it…someone has to design how a building looks and how the visitors interact with it.

Design can be heavily seen throughout the aquarium, you just have to realize it. I really love how tanks become the building, it’s literally like a building of glass that has been filled with water, its amazing. That being said, it also really freaks me out. I don’t know what it is but I do not like large seemingly open spaces so I don’t know how I’d feel being in a room of water with the only separation being glass. Even when I was little I would never go really close one of the tanks that took up the space of a wall because the bottom was lower than the floor and I felt like I’d fall in. Yes, I know that’s really stupid but hey, it freaked me out…plus I can’t swim, so yeah.

Despite my fears I think this place is really cool and would really give visitors more of underwater experience. Although the tanks are huge and a bit intimidating so is the ocean so it kind of fits. I thought this was pretty cool and I wanted to share it with you guys. Who knows, if I ever go to China maybe I’ll stop by…maybe :). Down below is a link to the article and more pictures along with my favorites. Until next time!

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Traveling in Style!

Hey everyone! I actually found this story on my Facebook newsfeed and I thought it was a really nice example of redesigning something so that its more functional. Pete Smart is a designer who was inspired to redesign one of his boarding passes and create a more user-friendly version. What amazed me the most about this was that without omitting any crucial information he was able to create a really clear and organized boarding pass that still manages to look appealing. I feel like boarding passes are more confusing than they need to be. With this organized layout you can actually find the information you need quickly.

I also like the use of images in his redesign and the use of color. The pass he created was for Virgin and I really like how the logo is incorporated. I keep looking at the old one and I’ve realized that I really don’t even want to take time to read it. It looks like a bunch of jumbled information and that makes me just scan over it and want to move on. I love how he designed this and hopefully it will promote some changes that would benefit everyone!


Regular Boarding Pass


Pete Smart’s Design


All Around the World…Again?!

Hey everyone! I found this really cool set of photographs with a great concept behind them! Basically it documents a photographer being lead around the world by his girlfriend. The photos were all taken with the girlfriend in the lead holding the photographers hand. I love everything besides the pose changes at each place they travel, they also have some local “props” that they use, such as a Frankenstein statue. I really love this concept because it such a simple and cool concept but he ended up with a ton of great photos from his travels.photographer-follows-girlfriend-around-the-world-holding-hand-photo-series-2

With a little investigating, which is sometimes necessary with stuff found on Pinterest, I found out that the photographer is  Murad Osmann. I took a look and these photos are on his Instagram not his website, that I saw, so I’ll put a link for both below! His website also has some great photos that I am very jealous of. I’m working on portraits for my photography III class and they are nothing compared to his. Then again it is something really new to me, I’ve never done them before, so maybe I’m been a bit harsh but when am I not hard on myself? Anyways I thought these were awesome and I wanted to share! As always, I hope you guys enjoy this post!

Osmann’s Instagram:

Osmann’s Website:



Girlfriend_Lead Photographer_017

All Around the World

Hey everyone! I have to admit I almost forgot to make a post this week!  >_< Which is kind of weird because I’ve been doing this for awhile now but anyway I have some amazing photos to share with you this week! I came across these photos and they really inspired me to keep working with my photography skills, and maybe travel sometime soon! I came across a photographer that has taken some amazing photos while in his native Berlin, Germany and on his travels to various other places. His name is Lukas Kozmus and I am very envious of him for several reasons. His photographs are really beautiful and very rich in color.lukas-1

Also I love silhouette photography (I made that term up, I think) so these photos are right up my alley in that respect. Although I love me some silhouettes I have to admit my favorite photo is not one with a silhouette. I really love the photo that was taken with the children play in the rain in the street. I like the golden warmth to the picture and how the rain drops look like gold. My second favorite is the shot of the biker on the road, once again I love the warm lighting, it just seems to add some kind of a mystical feeling to the photos.

I thought all of his photos are really beautiful and they really inspired me to keep at my own photography. Sometimes I get discouraged but I can tell that my photos are getting better and its really a matter of just getting out there and shooting some photos. I’d love travel and take these kinds of photos but I think the more I practice I’ll get there, in the mean time I’ll keep sharing things that inspire me with you guys! Thanks for reading! I’ll put some links down below in case you want to check out more!


article site:

Lukas’ flickr: