Just Add Water

Hey everyone! I kind of have somewhat of an underwater theme going on since once again we’ll be diving in ūüėČ ¬†to some underwater art. These photos were taken by photographer Benjamin Von Wong who I may need to take a closer look at later since I love these photos so much! I don’t know what it is but I think the vastness and mystery of the ocean is something that has always intrigued me. I don’t know how to swim and I think that adds a certain aspect of spookiness to the big blue. Whatever the reason, these photos are hauntingly beautiful. I just love the way the clothing and hair of the models move. This is especially true for the first photo. It looks as if she is descending from some world up above and is floating down into another realm. It comes across as very angelic to me.

I also love the movement and flow in all of these, it makes these models seem like they actually belong in these setting and are not just people being placed in a scene to make a pretty picture. I’m going to put the link to the article and images down below but let me just tell you now that these photos took a lot of work. In order to pull this off Von Wong needed freedivers who would also be the models, stylists, makeup, etc. This is one of the qualities of a good artist that I really admire. He had a vision and did what he had to make it come to life and he did it right without cutting corners. No one’s perfect and I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not exactly diligent when it comes to my craft. However, when I do something I try to put my best in it and do the best I can with what I know I can do. Effort is everything and it certainly paid off for Von Wong! As always below are my favorites (which in this case is all of them)and the link to the article! Until next time!

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Link to article: http://blog.flickr.net/2014/08/08/surreal-underwater-photo-shoot/


Naturally Inspired!

Hello everyone! I wanted to do a quick post on some really inspiring photos I found. I’ve taken several photography classes in the past so I have images of various subjects but I’ve always loved photos of nature! I think part of it is the idea that all you really need is a camera since nature is all around us. In other words, it’s the easiest subject to photograph. I mean you don’t really have to go far to find anything natural to photograph. You can open your door and take a picture of your lawn, although¬†it might not be an award winner but hey it’s still nature.


These images that I found are basically entries in a contest that was called the¬†2014 DEEP Indonesia International Underwater Photo Competition. The winning image is the one on the top with the tadpoles! ¬†I love all of these but I think the winner of the competition just did an amazing job when it came to perspective and subject. It’s a really beautiful image and I can easily see why it won! All of these photos are really well done in my opinion and I have a special appreciation for underwater photography. It’s probably since I don’t know how to swim but that’s besides the point. Below are my favorites and I’ll also include a link to the rest down below! Until next time guys!


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Link to article:http://www.grindtv.com/outdoor/nature/post/tadpoles-flying-overhead-unlikely-winner-of-underwater-photo-contest/

Under the Sea

Hey everyone! I’m back with a very cool article that I found about underwater photography. Andreas Franke, the photographer,¬†created ghost-like images by combining studio shots and underwater scenes he had captured while on a diving exhibition.¬†

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Franke took photographs of a sunken ship off the coast of Florida and later used the same ship as a gallery for his work. I thought that this was a really cool idea because its something that anyone can do. I was thinking about this concept and I could really see this concept working in other spaces, no diving necessary. I think that an old factory would also work as a great space to recreate images similar to Franke’s. Of course that’s only one idea, I think this concept could be recreated almost anywhere which is one of the reasons it really appeals to me!

I feel the site Franke used added a lot to his work, especially because he used the ship as his gallery. Not only did it create a unique experience for divers but it also physically added to the photos. Although the photos were protected after a while algae and other growth ended up on the photo. It really gave the photos an extra effect. If you want to read the article or see more photos check out the link below!


Underwater Sculpture!

Hi Everyone,

I know that this is really late in the week! I felt terrible all this week but I’m finally getting better so I decided to do a quick post or two on this blog. I was looking around on Pinterest, again, and I came across a really unique artist. His name is Jason deCaires¬†Taylor and he creates unique underwater scenes with his sculptures. I went to his website and his work is really amazing. What he does is create different sculptures of human figures and uses natural underwater locations to place them in. His work is so unique and incredible that his first underwater sculpture park has been included in the top 25 Wonders of the World. What I really like about his work is the way he able to incorporate¬†these man-made¬†objects into a natural setting. From the photos it looks as if some of these sculptures are meant to be there or were created by an ancient culture long ago. They also have a kind of creepy and haunting feel to them which is something I think works well. Just seeing these statues also reminded me of Stonehenge¬†or the Easter Island heads. According to his website these are permanent¬†so its interesting to think what future generation will think of these the same way we wonder about places like Stonehenge. If you want to see more of his work you can go to www.underwatersculpture.com¬†. I highly recommend you do because he work is so interesting and unlike anything I’ve seen before. See you next time!