Mind On His Money, And Money in His Art

Hey everyone, I found these slide show on Yahoo that highlights a very unique artist. I’ve seen artwork using money before however these pieces by Mark Wagner seem to stand apart. His pieces feel really unique to me because the money isn’t really the focus, if that makes any cents (cheesy, but I had to). The designs are just so intricate that what I focus on is the detail and consideration that was put into these pieces. For example, in the piece “Bird in Hand” the shading found in the dollar bills used was really put to good use within the bird.

The shading near the front of the face and beak was really well done. I also love the texture he created for the sleeve of the person. “Petty Cash” was another piece that stood out to me because the text created was just so nice and clean. The “Mona Lisa” blew me away because it seems so detailed and planned. You can just tell by looking at these that there was a great attention to detail. I’m posting my favorites on here but check out the rest by going to the gallery link below. Until next time!


“Bird in Hand”


“Petty Cash”


“Mona Lisa”

Link:Yahoo Gallery

Alberto Seveso

I stumbled upon this designer on Pinterest and I am in love with his work. It was a picture of water and ink that captured my attention. It’s a simple idea with a beautiful outcome. I went to his website¬†http://burdu976.com/ and I have to say I really like his work but the photographs with ink and water are my favorites. The colors are vibrant and the ink almost looks sculptural in the water. I could describe the photographs in more detail but I think they really speak for themselves.

I really like the one with the yellow, blues, and greens (to your right)! This one is really beautiful and sculptural. I just love how the ink mimics fabric, to me it looks like silk. It’s also amazing how he captures the ink at the perfect time. The colors are somewhat blended but not completely. I had to include the one on the left two because it includes my favorite colors. Okay that wasn’t the only reason. I think in this photo you can really see what I call the fibers of the ink. I call them fibers because they look like pieces of string from some type of fabric. They are almost hair-like. I might show you some more of his work in other posts, but if you can’t wait all you have to do is go to the website I mentioned. Let’s see how much of this you really read, ha ha. You can also just click on either of the photos and you be sent to the website that way! See, I’m not that mean. Until next time!