Under the Sea

Hey everyone! I’m back with a very cool article that I found about underwater photography. Andreas Franke, the photographer, created ghost-like images by combining studio shots and underwater scenes he had captured while on a diving exhibition. 

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Franke took photographs of a sunken ship off the coast of Florida and later used the same ship as a gallery for his work. I thought that this was a really cool idea because its something that anyone can do. I was thinking about this concept and I could really see this concept working in other spaces, no diving necessary. I think that an old factory would also work as a great space to recreate images similar to Franke’s. Of course that’s only one idea, I think this concept could be recreated almost anywhere which is one of the reasons it really appeals to me!

I feel the site Franke used added a lot to his work, especially because he used the ship as his gallery. Not only did it create a unique experience for divers but it also physically added to the photos. Although the photos were protected after a while algae and other growth ended up on the photo. It really gave the photos an extra effect. If you want to read the article or see more photos check out the link below!


Scribble Portraits?

Hey everyone! I came across two artists that create portraits by scribbling and they are pretty impressive! 977b-illustrationI found it amazing how realistic these portraits came out to be since the were made by just scribbling. I haven’t seen anything quite like this before and it thought it was a really unique outcome to something that pretty much everyone has been doing since the could pick up a pen. The artists are twin brothers Sergei and Vyacheslav Savelyev. Their portraits include the images of celebrities such as Johnny Depp, Robert De Niro, Angelina Jolie and Antonio Banderas.

The use various colored pens and pencils to create these amazing portraits. My favorites are the portraits of Antonio Banderas and Angelina Jolie, they just seem a bit clearer and they make you forget for a second that these are just a bunch of strategically arranged scribbles. I guess I just prefer a clearer picture than some of the other pieces where the doodles are a bit more noticeable but that’s just my opinion. Besides this art being so unique I thought it also sent a good message to artists or beginning artists. It shows you that you don’t need fancy or expensive supplies to create artwork, something as simple as a pen can create something amazing.977d-illustration

Don’t tell anyone but when I was younger I was always drawing and doodling during class; fortunately for me I was able to stay tuned in at the same time. A lot of  the time I would use a pen, mostly because I never liked writing in pencil that much, but that’s what I used to create most of my earliest little doodles. It just goes to show you that even if you can’t afford to be buying all these art supplies you can still create art! I know I personally went through a little phase of thinking I needed this and that but I know better now and these pieces prove it.

You can check out more here: http://theinspirationgrid.com/?paged=2#scribble-portraits-by-sergei-vyacheslav-savelyev

Si Scott

Hey Everyone! I know I’ve been slacking on this blog lately however I’ve had some things come up that I’m still working through. That being said I’m going to try to do the two posts a week however it’s not something I’m going to promise so just letting you guys know! Anyway, enough of that. What I really want to talk about is a new artist that I found, Si Scott. Si Scott is an artist who focuses on design, illustration, and typography.

Three major aspects that I’ve been really into lately. I found his work on Behance.net and not only did I find photographs of his pieces, there are also videos! I really love watching videos of artists at work, it’s amazing to their process and how they create their artwork. What really attracted me to Si’s work was how fluid and scriptural his work is. I love the curls and curves in script and to see the same principles be used to create something like the figure of animal is really amazing.

Although I do like his series of animals I also really like a map that he created for The Enemy Tour, which you can see more of on his portfolio page. I had a project earlier in the semester where we had to creat a perfect letterform. At first it was a little tedious but once I got into it I really enjoyed it. I also learned how hard it is to creat a nice crisp line, but it was still fun to do. A think the use of black and white works really well within the pieces too. I dont’ see any need of color or variations of black or white in these, they’re very crisp and beautiful they way they are. I posted a few of my favorites here but check out Si’s portfolio at Behance.net to see more.

See his portfolio here and remember to check out The Enemy Tour videos!: http://www.behance.net/siscott

More Paper Art?!

Hey Everyone! Usually I like to keep things different on this blog and try to avoid repeats or staying on one subject too long but I had to revisit paper art again. It more or less found me, in a way, and I once again I was drawn into the world of paper art. Seriously, I truly love all the designs you can come up with and with something as simple as paper. The work I’m going to be looking at today is by paper illustrator Yulia Brodskaya. I found the work that I’m going to be talking on theinspirationgrid.com, which I wrote an entire post about earlier this month.

To me her work brings paper quilling to a whole other level. She goes beyond design numbers and words and uses her craft to create actual scenes such as the surfer scene shown on this blog. I really enjoy the piece because it’s so fun to look at and you can’t help but admire the artist’s craftmanship. Another one of my favorites is the design for Cafe Rouge with the can-can dancer. I love the use of bright colors throughout her pieces but they especially catch my eye here.

I think that the design is very eye-catching and really draws the viewer in. The money piece also really grabbed my attention and I love the diversity of colors within all of these pieces. By the way I totally just noticed the head. Did you guys catch that right away? These are my favorites pieces out of the ones shown here: http://theinspirationgrid.com/?cat=3#paper-art-by-yulia-brodskaya but I do love them all.

This, once again, really inspires me to try this out. I think I know what I want for Christmas *hint, hint* ;). I thought these were really amazing and I wanted to share them with you guys incase you’ve fallen in love with this art form like I have. Yulia does a lot of other cool stuff besides this so if you want to see more you can visit her website at: http://www.artyulia.com/

Yes They CAN!

Hey Everyone! I found some artwork that I think is really creative and great way of recycling. I recently found a ton of artwork done with discarded spray paint cans on http://theinspirationgrid.com, which I mentioned  in my last post. These amazing pieces were created by different artists involved with the organization Canlove which is a non-profit graffiti can recycling program. Some of the pieces they’ve created are flower bouquets, individual flowers, a huge tree, and even using the cans as a base for paintings. The way the cans are used are so creative and it really made me realize how much you do with something as simple as a can of spray paint.

I have to say that my favorite is the tree or Graffitree as they call it on their website. Not only is it huge but it’s so beautiful. I love all the different colors on the tree and the way that the leaves were created. It just looks really amazing. Overall a lot of their work is really colorful and most of the time I forget that the pieces are made out of recycled cans.

I highly suggest checking out their website, listed below, because they have a lot of cool stuff on there. I posted pictures of some of my favorites but I think if I had the money I’d buy most or all of these pieces if I could. They’re very unique and the creativity really amazes me; the bright colors are also a huge plus!

Check out the inspiration grid profile the work here: http://theinspirationgrid.com/#canlove-recycled-graffiti-spray-can-art-by-chalk

Check out the Canlove website here: http://canlove.org/

Surfing for Inspiration

Hey Everyone! Today’s post is a little different because I’m going to be talking about website rather than an artist or a piece of art. I’m always looking for new sites to find inspiration for my own work and this blog too! I found a great website that gives you a daily dose of inspiration at your fingertips. The website is called The Inspiration Grid and what it does is it display a bunch of photos daily for you to look through.

If you’re looking for something specific you also narrow down your choices and search categories like art. design, illustration, and even fashion. I really like this website because I can easily look through the photos of these pieces and narrow things down to find what I want. I also like how if you click on one of the pieces you get to see the other pieces in the series that the artist has created. From there you can even look at their portfolio or any other links associated with artist(s). I think this website is a great tool if your browsing around the web for inspiration and I think it’s going to really come in hand for this blog! I hope you guys found this useful and if you want to check out the site you can go to http://theinspirationgrid.com .

Sabeena Karnik

Hey Everyone! I came across this amazing artist while looking for inspiration on Pinterest! Her name is Sabeena Karnik and she is a graphic designer who uses paper quilling to create her designs. I’ve always been interested in paper quilling because I love the way it looks and how versatile this technique is. After seeing Sabeena’s artwork it makes me want to give paper quilling a go and maybe try it out for myself! The first piece that caught my eye was the alphabet that she created.

I loved how she used a simple typeface for her alphabet and used the paper within and around the form. It makes the letter tight and readable while at the same time giving it a creative flare. Another aspect that I really liked was that she used different colors and different shades of the same color. I feel like it really makes the letter pop and it adds some dimension. From what I can tell this artist is as well-known as some of the other artists I’ve talked about so far but I think her work is really good and very creative.

She doesn’t have a website that I could find but I’m going to put the link to her online portfolio at Behance.net. She has a lot of other pieces there and I highly recommend you check them out.

I posted some of my favorites on this blog so you can get a taste of what she does. Take a close look at the Z. Do you Z what I Z? (Look closely 😉 )

Check out her portfolio here: http://www.behance.net/sabeenu

Emma Hack

Hey Everyone! I saw an article about a week ago on Yahoo about a car created out of human bodies.

Got your attention, huh? Don’t worry Halloween is over so its nothing like that, they people are alive and well.The article was about artist Emma Hack and how she creates artwork that includes the human body in some way within her pieces.

On her website, the link will be down below, she is described as a skin illustrator, photographer, sculptor, and a diverse multimedia artist. For the Yahoo article a group of models were mashed together (this still sounds creepy doesn’t it?) to create the form of a crashed car.

The ways they were positioned alone is impressive but the way the bodies are painted really adds a sense of realism  to the piece. The wheels and the part where the hood has been pushed up a bit are really amazing. I liked this work so much that I had to look the artist up and her work is really creative. It’s amazing how easily she is able to blend the person into the background so that they are almost invisible.

I also find that her work is very design oriented.It’s not like she’s just creating a lot of objects with the bodies, she’s also using design to incorporate them in her pieces.

This can be seen throughout her work, her work seems more design oriented to me which is good because lately I feel I haven’t been covering much design in this blog. I have to say that my favorite pieces are the mandalas that she does. I love how the bodies really become a part of the design. I’ve posted some of my favorites here but if you want to check out more you can go to her website here: http://emmahackartist.com/.

Check out the Yahoo article here: http://games.yahoo.com/blogs/unplugged/amazing-body-art-car-crashing-success-164205367.html

3D Drawings!

Hey everyone! The past week was a good one for art being spotlighted around the web! I found some really interesting stuff including this slide show of art that pops out of the page. Okay, it doesn’t really pop out and it’s not really 3D but it looks 3D. Take a look for yourself. These drawings are amazing, they really inspire me to keep drawing.

They actually look like they’re coming out of the page, it’s really incredible. One of the things I really like about this artist’s work in particular is that they often use multiple pieces of paper for the drawings. I think it’s a really interesting twist and it seems to add a little more depth to the pieces themselves. I also like how the artist uses color as well. Don’t get me wrong, I like the traditional grey pencils against a white background but the colors come out really beautifully.

The artist also includes themself in the piece which I think is what really adds to the 3D effect. It’s so much easier to believe that thing drawings are popping out when you have a hand suggesting it. The artist behind this magic is Ramon Bruin and he has a lot of cool stuff on his website so I highly recommend you go check that out. The photos I included here are a few of my favorites, but it was really how to narrow it down! I really love the use of shadow in these, especially in the second and third one. If you want to see the yahoo slide show you can click here: http://news.yahoo.com/photos/amazing-3d-art-tricks-the-eye-slideshow/3d-art-photo-1351004295.html or if you want to check out the artist’s website click on any of the photos or here: http://www.jjkairbrush.nl/home/ Until next time!

A Skinny Minnie?

Hey Everyone! I recently saw an article about a Barney’s window display featured some thinned down Disney characters. I wanted to talk a little bit about this because I think it brings up an important idea about working with well known cartoon characters in design. I think when you’re working with a design for a cartoon character you really have to use a lot of caution as a designer. I know that a lot of adults like Disney characters but I think we can all agree that  a majority of cartoons are created for children. That being said I think that by modifying these characters to look like twigs was not a well thought out idea.

The idea for these designs were to show that Disney characters can be fashionable too however the message seems to translate into something else. To be fashionable or a model you need to be skinny. Not a healthy weight, but super skinny. I think this promotion could have been more successful if the characters kept their original forms but were given a makeover another way. When I first read the headline I thought that maybe they had glammed Minnie up a bit but they totally changed her image.

Which makes another statement that you can’t be yourself. If Minnie has to change to be beautiful and high fashion what does that say to the kids who are going to see this? Overall I just think they should have thought about the kids who would see this considering Disney characters are for kids. I feel like this is similar to the sexy Big Bird costumes being sold for Halloween but let’s not go into that. You can read the article I found here: http://movies.yahoo.com/blogs/movie-talk/skinny-minnie-mouse-inspires-petition-194641110.html