Image Gallery Project

Hey everyone! For our latest project in my desktop publishing class we had to create a multiple page website that functioned as a image gallery. My partner, Marissa, came up with the idea to focus our images around typography. We’re focusing on the subject in another class we have together so we thought it would be a good way to integrate the two classes. We first set up our html documents and then moved on to choosing our images. I really liked this project because it allowed us to use our creative site and personalize our site a little more. I have to say I’m pretty happy how the site turned out. I thought the navigation worked well and was very user friendly. I am also in love with entrance page to our site, I was really happy with how it turned out! As promised, I want to start showing you guys more of what I’m doing so here it is! 🙂


Let Me Make This Simple

Hey everyone! I was looking around on Pinterest and ended up gathering together some book covers and movie posters that were given a simple makeover. These are books and movies that most people can recognize and include books you might have even read. I really liked the simplistic approach to redoing these book covers and movie posters.  A problem I’ve had in the past is having too much to look at in my own art so I really appreciate how simple but effective this designs are! Since there are quite a few I’ll be making another post with some of my other favorites but for now enjoy the ones below!

The first one that caught my attention was a remake of a movie poster for The Hobbit. I really like the incorporation of the three images and how they overlapped. At the bottom you have a hobbit, probably Bilbo, then a mountain and lastly a dragon. I like the building up of each of these elements have the smallest at the bottom and working up to the largest aspect at the top.


The next is for the book The Outsiders, which I haven’t read unfortunately so I can’t connect with the comb reference. What I can say is I like how the comb is used to create an exclamation mark. The placement of the title within the circle is also a really nice touch!


The last one for this post is definitely one of my favorites! Its a poster for The Shining. I really like the incorporation of the typewriter since the main character is a writer. The famous quote on the typewriter also ties into the book. I love the red within the piece, it gives the piece an really nice touch. I have to say this is probably my favorite of the three, I really like this one! If you want a direct link to these images just click on the images here! Until next time!


Welcome to HTML!

Hey everyone! We started diving into html this week in my Desktop Publishing class and these are the results from my first attempt. I have worked with html in the past but to say the least, I needed a refresher. At first I felt a little overwhelmed with all of the coding but after awhile I started having fun with it and trying out different things. To say the least I think I found a new addiction. I’m not sure what it is but I really want to play with html more and see what I can do.

I took some screenshots (below) of what I have so far. So basically I have my Index (Home page), Page 1 and Page 2. I also customized my colors to what I wanted, which took my a long time since the possibilities seemed endless. I really liked this exercise and can’t wait to play around with this more! Until next time!

Sweet Packaging!

Hey everyone! I wanted to share some really creative and cute packaging that I saw on Pinterest. As you can see its a printable cupcake container. I love it because its shaped like oven, which is so cute and unique!


I found another product that had unique packaging where lightbulbs mimic ice cream cones. I absolutely love this kind of fun packaging and I really appreciate the thought that comes with. I never really thought of a light bulb looking like ice cream!


Okay, one more! Not only was this packaging really cute and eye-catching, but it also ties into the name of the product. Personally I would have liked some spots on the cow to emphasize its cow-ness but it’s still effective either way. Using the cap as the halo was another nice touch! I’d really like how you can see through the bottle so that way the cow’s look can change whether the milk is chocolate or strawberry!


This is all for now, but if you want a direct link to these images just give them a click! Until next time!

What’s your Style?

I used to get tongue-tied whenever someone would ask me to describe my style mostly because I didn’t know! Sure I knew what kind of artwork I liked but at the time it seemed like my interests and likes were all over the place. It really frustrated me because if someone asked me to describe my work I couldn’t give them a proper description. So this summer I set out to find a way to discover my artistic style and solve my problem once and for all. One of the things about me is I’m more of a visual learner, sure I can learn things by just reading but I prefer to have some kind of visual or someone to actually show me something.

This leads me to YouTube, there are TONS of artists creating videos with advice, reviews, and tutorials relating to art. YouTube is the main site that I start searching if I want to learn how to do something or just discover tips and tricks. To get to the point I found a YouTuber that created a video about finding your own illustration style and breaking your artist block. This video really helped me come up with a way of organizing artwork I liked and finding out what my style is. You guys can check out the video for the method she uses but I’m going to tell you what I did here.

As many of you know I am addicted to Pinterest so that seemed like the perfect place to collect different types of artwork and keep them all together. After I got that solved I had to make some criteria for this board, I already had  an Art I ❤ love board so I had to find a way to distinguish the two. I decided that anything I saw that I’d like to recreate or that gave me ideas for something I could do in my own art would go on the new Artistic Inspiration board (which is my Style board). After that I went through a bunch of images and placed them accordingly. After I had a good amount I was able to view them all together and compare the artwork, seeing what was similar or different. What characteristics kept coming forward? What mediums was I drawn to?

After making comparisons and contrasting the pieces I was able to find my Style! What I found out was that I tend to like soft artwork, meaning light applications of mediums, soft lines, I was also drawn to a lot a lot pieces created with colored pencils and watercolor. It was really interesting and I think I learned a lot about myself. You can check out my board here: , please feel free to leave any comments on what you guys think! Until next time!

Back to School!

Hey everyone! I know things were really slow on here during the summer but I really wanted to focus on my artwork and more specifically my drawing. I just wanted to let you know since a new school year has started I’ll be posting more frequently on here! Yay! So I hope you look forward to that and there will be some changes on here that will be different from what I was doing before. I really want to personalize this blog more so I hope to add more of my school projects on here and other stuff I’m doing as well! That’s all for now but I hope you’re looking forward to this year as much as I am! See you in my next post!